Ride Along with Sarah – 800WHP DSM EVOX

April 27th, 2018

Greetings racing fans. This video takes us on a ride along with Sarah as she goes through some street hits in the fastest car she has ever driven. She buckles up and carefully crosses the border into Mexico before “putting the beans to it” as she says.

The 4B11T (aluminum) four-cylinder engine is basically stock although it has been professionally built with Darton cylinder sleeves and Manley I-beam connecting rods. It has a 67-millimeter turbocharger with a three-and-a-half-inch intercooler. Fuel is supplied using a pair of Aeromotive electric fuel pumps and 2,000cc fuel injectors. It is also equipped with a competition twin-disc dual-clutch. The all-wheel drive sedan is running T85 fuel (a mixture of ethanol and high-octane).

After getting the EVO spooled up sufficiently, Sarah seems adequately impressed by its power. She makes several hits before turning the wheel over to the owner for an all-out launch.

This is a very well behaved car that can turn into a monster once the RPM level gets up. Check out the video. Even if you hate the car – you’ll like Sarah.

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