800whp Subaru WRX – Ride Along Street Hits

March 15th, 2018

Greetings racing fans! Climb on board this import sedan and prepare to be dazzled. Between the masterfully modified engine, massive turbocharger, and all-wheel drivetrain, this car will literally take your breath away.

Prepared by Shift Fast Motorsports in Rock Hill, South Carolina, this Subaru WRX STi is well heeled for racing on track or strip. An IAG built 2.5-liter boxster motor is the firm foundation for this drivetrain and it has a massive Precision 6466 turbocharger cramming copious amounts of air into it through a Cosworth intake manifold. An IAG air/oil separator keeps intake air cool and all the fluids in their respective cavities. About everything that can be done to make a Subaru run like a scalded dog has been carried out on this masterpiece, including a triple-disc clutch. This thing is a beast! Oh, it’s JR Tuned as well.

Well, now it is down to where the rubber meets the road. This turns out to be one of very few all-wheel drive cars that we have ever seen capable of knocking the tires off at more than 100 mph.

There are multiple passes and many varied camera angles (from both inside and outside the car) in this clip. If you like racing; you’ll love this video.

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