Old School vs Nuevo Speed – TT Corvette and TT LS Rail Job

February 24th, 2021

Two cars could not be more different. The Corvette Z06 is spit and polish modern with leather interior, shiny paint and climate control. On the other hand – the rail job is a 1927 Dodge Split-Window Coupe with a bare-bones cockpit, a bit of patina on the exterior – and tons of attitude. Similarities include LS engines and twin turbochargers. Let’s see what happens when the rubber meets the road.

The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is capable of making 1,500hp. Today, it is detuned to 1200hp. The transmission is a 2-speed RPM Powerglide and the car tips the scale at 3,400-pounds. Powered by a 427 cubic-inch LSx twin turbo (68-millimeter) motor, the Z06 is rear-wheel drive. This ‘Vette has run a 5.5-second eighth-mile (@130 mph) and can turn the quarter-mile in the mid-eight second range.

With a distinct weight advantage, the 1927 Dodge Brothers Lunch Money Hot Rod comes in at 2,700-pounds. This rail job utilizes a 388 cubic-inch twin turbo (60-millimeter) LS engine to churn out 600hp. This monster is shifted via an ATI ProGlide Powerglide transmission and it is also rear-wheel drive.

Awesome camera angles and superior production value in this video.

Enough gab. Time for some racing.

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