Homemade Rail Job with Turbo V8 – Track Dig and Roll

August 13th, 2020

Rail job, dune buggy or stick car – whatever you choose to call it, this thing is put together with a purpose. Dubbed Frankenstein, this homemade cart is taking part in Denver’s Street Car Takeover, but this guy drives it on the street all the time. Come on and let’s take a closer look.

The car is totally homemade and it’s a rear-engine setup. It started as a Volkswagen takeoff but this guy needed a little more bang for the buck. After extending the engine cradle, he found a 5.3-liter Chevy LS V8 engine and outfitted it with a 76-millimeter turbocharger. The transaxle is from an Audi and the exhaust is Borla. If lighter equals faster, this should be a virtual rocket.

First up is the roll racing. King of the bakery they call it at SCT. Running in the 140 mph class, Frankenstein is able to put up some top speed numbers that were consistently above 135 mph without breaking out.

On the drag racing end, Frankenstein was running in the 11-second index class with a great degree of success. Frankie starts off against an Audi and posts a 11.25 @ 135 mph, followed by a victory against a Mustang with an elapsed time of 11.23-seconds @ 137 mph. After that, he beat a Dodge Challenger with a (personal best) 11.09 @ 138 mph. in the semi-finals he narrowly defeated a Mustang with an 11.17 @ 137 mph.

Can this homemade rail job take on the factory cars and walk away with the prize money? Let’s go to the video and find out.

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