Nurburg ’Ring-King’ Needs Our Help

January 23rd, 2017

This call goes out to all racing enthusiasts and lovers of high performance automobiles. There’s a bully of a race car on the track in Nurburg, Germany and it has a sticker price of $1-million. The legendary 12.9-mile track, called Nurburgring, has been the star of racing events, movies, and video games. I think I have personally raced more than a million laps on the ‘Green Death’ (on Gran Turismo).

Now it’s time to knuckle up and help Viper Nation knock off this bully and retake the record at Nurburgring in April 2017.

In 2011, the Dodge Viper ACR claimed the Ring-King crown by besting the previous (production car) lap record by more than 2-seconds – only to see the $1-million Porsche 918 come along (years later) and steal the crown. Now, Viper Exchange is willing to supply two Viper ACR Extreme production cars and a pair of internationally-known Viper pilots (who consider the Nurburgring their home track) in an all-out effort to reclaim the Ring-King crown. All of this on the cusp of what is to be the final production year for the beloved Viper.

Viper Nation needs our help racing fans. Log onto ‘Take Back The Ring Record’ to learn more.

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