The King – 2000HP Fox Body Mustang

March 2nd, 2018

Calling himself the King of NO PREP Racing, this Fox Body Mustang posts consistent 8-second elapsed times in the 160 – 170 mph range.

This is an all-steel bodied car (except for the hood which blew off during filming) with a massive 540 cubic-inch Chevrolet engine and a Precision 118-millimeter turbocharger (30 psi of boost).

Competing in the Street Racer Class, the Wyoming Performance crew has the King churning at peak efficiency as it lines up for a first round matchup. In the right lane, we have a super clean, black,  turbo Fox Body. The black car gets the hole shot but the King drives around him for the win.

Round two pits a big, turbocharged 60s Chevrolet Impala against the King. The King performs in royal fashion and beats the big muscle car by several bus-lengths.

It’s on to the semi final round and the King is taking on a massive 4WD Ram pickup (1,300hp) that is rolling coal. The King jumped on him hard out of the hole and never relinquished the lead.

Melissa Urist, in her late model Mustang, lines up against the King in the Street Racer Class Final. Melissa comes out of the hole like a bullet but the King lays it all on the line (trapping @ 190 mph) to take the crown (pun intended).

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