The Grinch Fox Body Mustang – King of the Streets

September 22nd, 2016

the-grinch-fox-body-mustang-wins-king-of-the-streetsYou’re a bad one, Mr. Grinch! This time the Grinch isn’t trying to steal Christmas but the Gangster Class crown at the fall 2016 King of the Streets event in Chicago, Illinois. He’s got plans to crush the competition and take home a big stack of cash, but first he’ll have to take on some turbocharged monsters and a few nitrous injected beasts.

The Grinch is equipped with a big block Chevrolet engine and a generous shot of laughing gas. The driver (FJ) is ultra aggressive and puts it all on the line for every pass. The Car gets out of the hole as slick as a button and accelerates like a rocket. This is elite level No Prep racing at its finest.

The action opens up with the Grinch going to war against a turbocharged Fox Body. The Grinch wins the first round easily. Next, we have the Grinch vs. a Malibu Wagon – c’mon man – a wagon? The Grinch gaps him to kingdom come. Now he goes up against a nitrous Fox Body with some problems hooking up but it ends up being a (kind of) close race. Then, there are the finals with FJ lining up against a late model Mustang with a Chevy mill. It’s a good day for Grinches as they take home the Gangster Class trophy and the prize money.

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