Buncha’ B.S. at King of the Streets Chi-Town

October 4th, 2016

buncha-b-s-at-king-of-the-streets-chi-townThere was a real bunch of BS at one of the nation’s biggest No Prep events recently – Boosted Solutions, Inc that is. The crew at BS campaigned three cars in the Senior Class of this mid western main event; virtually guaranteeing that one of them would make it through to the finals. These guys are serious about forced air induction and even more serious about No Prep.

The feature car for this video is a Mustang SVO with a big block Chevrolet engine and twin 94-millimeter turbochargers. This thing really gets down the track in a hurry. Check out the hot, head-to-head action.

The first round brings out a Nova with some sort of nitrous. He must be in the developmental stages ‘cause he got gapped by the feature car (that’s a great looking old Chevy, though). Round 2 and we have BS against a vintage Mopar. The Dodge looks mean but leaves it all in the bleach box – another win for our feature car. On to round 3 and we have a single turbo Mustang with some traction issues. Chalk up another round for BS. Now, we got a little BS-on-BS action with the winner moving on to the finals; SVO wins it. In the finals, our feature car lines up against Corndog (a mean looking Trans Am) and breaks the beam. What a way to lose. BS ends up beating themselves. Oh well, that’s how it goes in the big leagues, better luck next time.

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