800WHP Supercharged Fox Body in Bimini Blue

December 15th, 2020

Greetings street racing fans. Meet Mario and his Fox Body Notchback Coupe Mustang – in Bimini Blue. As a World of Wheels (Chicago) winner, it goes without saying that everything about this car is outstanding. For Mario, this build is a labor of love that has been thirteen-years in the making. Come along and we’ll have a closer look.

Under the hood is a 347 cubic-inch aluminum Dart Sportsman engine block (9.0:1 compression ratio). The cylinder heads are Victor Jr. by Edelbrock. They have 210cc combustion chambers and they are neither ported nor polished. The unusual looking intake is a Vortech as is the YSi supercharger. The blower is the vaunted V-7 racing model. It is currently set at 18 psi of boost. The stand-alone controller is a Holley HP and it is tuned by AJ Performance. The engine is burning E85 fuel. Shifting duties are handled via a (manual) Tremec TKO 600 transmission that has been fortified. Street Car Shenanigans narrowed the rear end that is equipped with Strange spool and axles (3.55:1). The combination is capable of producing 800hp at the rear wheels.

The unique wheel and tire combination includes of a set of BC Forged LE 72 rims wrapped in Toyo rubber. Suspension and brake upgrades are plentiful and expertly carried out.

A six-point roll cage and a set of Corbeau are the only indication that this may be a race car. Otherwise, the inside is pristine. Instrumentation is Auto Meter.

Time to go for a ride and this thing sounds amazing! Buckle up!

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