Mustang vs. Mustang – Nitrous Fox Body vs. Twin Turbo Coyote Street Digs

November 25th, 2020

Never mind that we have Ford Mustangs from different generations going head-up on the street (of Mexico) for bragging rights and $1,300 cash – this is a battle between the “old school” nitrous crowd and the nuevo turbo bunch. All we need is a supercharged car and we’d have a drag racing trifecta. These power-adder battles get gritty. Nitrous skeeters say that turbochargers take too long to spool. Turbo spoolers say nitrous is too dangerous and detrimental to engine health. So, where does it all end? On this night, it ends on the street with which of these cars can cross the finish line first.

In the right lane we have a Gen III Ford Mustang – also known as a Fox Body. Like every other Mustang, this is a rear-wheel drive coupe. Under the hood is a V8 engine (possibly Ford, maybe Chevy) with a healthy dose of laughing gas applied. Judging by the exhaust note, this car has a built engine with a high-lift camshaft. It sounds great.

Over in the left lane, you are looking at a Gen VI Ford Mustang. A much more modern version of the famed pony car, this beauty is equipped with a modular Coyote motor. No nitrous here; this Ford is using a pair of big turbochargers to get the rear tires moving.

This is a single-pass contest – between two radically modified vehicles – with seasoned racers behind the wheel. Buckle up and hold on to your hat for this one.

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