7-Second Dragonfly – 2000HP Fox Body

June 13th, 2018

There are street cars and then there are street cars but this awesome Fox Body Mustang is head and shoulders above the rest.

It all begins with a brand-new 7.0-liter big block (LS) Dart Racing engine – prepared by OCHS Performance. Throw on a set of Frankenstein Engine Dynamics (FED) All Pro cylinder heads and a FED intake manifold package with a massive Precision 102-millimeter turbocharger and you are ready for some racing (an undisclosed Nitrous Outlet kit is riding along too). A Strange Engineering rear end helps put all 2,000 of those ponies to the pavement. The intercooler has also been moved from the trunk to the front of the car to try and keep the headlights out of the trees. We’ll see how that works.

Today, Dragonfly is competing in both the Small Tire Class and the Street Racer Class. In the first round of Small Tire Dragonfly knocks the tires off and still posts an 8.8-second E.T. @ 174 mph. The first round of Street Racer finds the ‘Fly running a 7.9-second E.T. @ 177 mph.

Things just get hotter from there, drag racing fans. Can the Dragonfly win two classes? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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