1500HP Mustang Fox Body Turbo LS Build – First Street Hits

May 5th, 2020

Meet Streetcarjohn. John used to drive a souped-up Trans Am, but he found it too bulky and unsafe. Despite being a great car, it only had a 10-point roll cage (good only down to 8.5-seconds in the quarter mile). So, Streetcarjohn searched in earnest for a lightweight substitute – a Fox Body with a 24/3 roll cage was his target. When he found it, the Mustang was a rolling chassis only and it looked pretty rough. John quickly sold his Pontiac (to a fellow who had been after it for months) and he purchased the ugly duckling. You can see the results of some great body and paint work but, you know what they say – it ain’t how you look, it’s what you got under the hood. Without further ado…

The Fox Body is now powered by a stock GM LS engine block with upgraded internals, including crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. It was prepared by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center (SDPC). The cylinder heads are Brodix BR1s from Mueller Performance and the (production) camshaft is from Lil’ John Motorsports. The turbocharger is a Forced Induction 88-millimeter unit with a Tial housing. Wastegates and blow off valves are from JTS. No intercooler because the motor is built to burn cool methanol. Check out the way this turbo is mounted – ingenious. The intake manifold, fuel injectors and engine control units are all by Holley and the exhaust headers are FlowTech. There are tons of other goodies from Motion Raceworks on this quality LS build. The wiring on this build is noteworthy. The transmission is a Powerglide built by Power Torque Converter (PTC). The rear end is a 9-inch TRZ housing filled with Strange components, including gun-drilled, 40-spline axles. The build is good on paper – now, let’s see what she can do when the rubber meets the road!

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