Supercar Street Shootout

December 31st, 2015

Supercar Street Shootout 01Here’s a good one for you; two European monsters going head-to-head with a radically modified Viper. First off, we’ve got a pair of Eastern Block bruisers going at it in several roll racing heats. In the first heat, it looks like the Mercedes is going to eat the BMW up but the BMW comes back in the last two runs. Then you’ve got the Mercedes versus the mighty Viper. Let’s face it – there ain’t too many cars that are going to get by the Snake in a roll race.

The BMW is of the legendary M3 variety and has upgraded turbochargers, extensive bolt-on goodies, and a methanol injection. He’s also running 93-octane fuel. The Mercedes is an AMG GT-S, which is the Mercedes-Benz version of a full race car, with only a set of aftermarket exhaust down pipes. The Viper is a familiar one. It has all the driver mods, including a high-performance tuner, a full racing exhaust, and drag radials. The mighty Mopar isn’t using nitrous for this video.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets

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