WANNAGOFAST Georgia Half-Mile Shootout

October 14th, 2016

wannagofast-georgia-half-mile-shootout-01Howdy racing fans and welcome to Heaven’s Landing in Clayton, Georgia for the wannaGOFAST Georgia 1/2-Mile Shootout. On hand are some of the baddest street cars on the planet; ready to lock horns in head-to-head 1/2-mile dig racing action to top speed. Over 3,000 spectators and 135 competitors came out to give it all they had in what proved to be a monumental undertaking. On Saturday, the top speed of the day was 218.77 mph. On Sunday, Sal Patel posted a new track and World Rear-Wheel Drive record of 224.55 mph in his beast of a Dodge Viper. Check it out – the pass is on the video.

Many talented tuners and top shops showed up with their latest creations. Vengeance Racing has carved out a niche for themselves in late model GM performance and they were well represented (their facility is in the area in Cumming, Georgia). Top Speed Motorsports (also a local outfit from Alpharetta, Georgia) trends more towards high speed import technology, including the phenomenal Nissan GT-R, so we all know that they are more than capable of busting world records. Others on hand were Passion Performance, 4 Horsemen Racing, and HP Tuners.

There are cars of every size and shape; from pickup trucks to hatchbacks and Hellcats to Supras. Throw in a healthy dose of very pretty girls, and a wide assortment of top tier vendors, and you have some good clean family fun!

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