JDM Supercar Shootout – Nissan vs. Toyota

April 5th, 2018

In the spirit of transparency, there are actually a pair of JDM Nissans on this clip. One is setup more for circuit racing than street racing but still has some bite. Both are similarly outstanding to look at and both are right-hand drive but there are differences.

The 1996 (R34) Nissan Skyline GT-R has been equipped with a Precision 6266 turbocharger, oversize fuel injectors, Haltech stand-alone controller, and it’s running E85 fuel. It is capable of producing approximately 750whp. It will have the opportunity to take on some “old school” V8 (supercharged) horsepower in the form of a Cadillac CTS-V sedan. The Caddy has been treated to a set of ported LSA cylinder heads, a BTR (Brian Tooley Racing) Stage 3 camshaft, valve train modifications, and pulley upgrades (upper and lower). It is making 700whp and has posted a best (quarter-mile) elapsed time of 10.41-seconds @ 137 mph.

In the first hit (40 – 150 mph), the Cadzilla takes the win by a narrow margin. In the second pass, the Nissan takes the initial advantage but the CTS-V drives around him for the win. U.S.A. -1 JDM -0.

Next up is a 1999 (R34) Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec. This is a beautiful car that has remained virtually stock (JDM). It features a 2.8-liter stroker motor and a pair of N1 Nismo turbochargers. Power is estimated to be in the 500hp range.

It will take on a Lexus LS300 (built by Drag International) that has been converted to a 2JZ engine with a Precision 6266 turbo. The car is detuned for this run and power is estimated at 500 – 550hp.

The Nismo takes the first pass (40 – 140 mph) but the Lexus driver figures the rules out on the second pass and goes on FTW. That just leaves the tie-breaker which you’ll have to watch for yourself.

There’s also some bonus coverage between the R34 and a Tesla (roll and dig)!

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