Street Racing Breakup Camo Vette vs DriverMods Viper

September 25th, 2015

Street Racing Breakup Camo Vette vs DriverMods ViperIf you love street racing, then you’ve gotta see this video. It features an awesome sounding supercharged (centrifugal) Corvette in breakup camouflage. He is hooking up with the DriverMods Viper T/A and a red Corvette for a monumental evening of street racing.

The Camo ‘Vette is equipped with a forged low compression motor with PRC cylinder heads and a ECS 1500 supercharger with a methanol injection. The transmission and rear differential have been upgraded, as well. Power is estimated at 800whp. We know the DriverMods Viper well. It has been tuned by Lund Racing, it has tons of aftermarket bolt-ons (including exhaust headers and a Strange intake manifold upgrade), and a 250-shot of laughing gas. It rides on CCW C10 racing wheels wrapped in M/T drag radials. 870whp is the magic number for the DriverMods Viper. The red Corvette has a stock LS3 engine with bolt-ons and a 150-shot of nitrous. Check out the hot head-to-head action.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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