-Wide Street Racing – GTO vs Vette vs Mustang

January 4th, 2016

3-Wide Street Racing - GTO vs Vette vs MustangThis video brings you some outstanding roll racing between three extreme street machines. The first is a pristine orange 2004 Mustang Cobra with a Steggy ported blower, a full racing exhaust, and 100-shot of laughing gas. Next, we have an electric blue 2006 Pontiac GTO with a built 7.4-liter LSx engine and it’s making 580hp and 535-lb.-ft. of torque. Finally, there’s a red 2005 Chevy Corvette with a P1 Procharger, upgraded cylinder heads and camshaft, a full racing exhaust, and a 3600 RPM stall converter.

One would anticipate the more radically modified Corvette whipping these other two pups but the Cobra hangs in there like a champ and the GTO proves to be the spoiler (when he ain’t missing gears).This is some intense heads-up roll racing.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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