Speed Guide – Building a TT 2017 Mustang GT

April 21st, 2017

This clip does a great job of walking you through the making of a 675hp, twin turbocharged street beast. What makes it even better is that the car’s cute owner leads the way.

Stephanie, who makes a wonderful tour guide, was not happy with her 400hp Mustang GT. Unlike most car owners, who just belly-ache and drive on, Steph decided to make some powerful changes. This video takes you through some of these changes – step-by-step. There is even a dyno comparison at the end.

The 2017 Mustang GT was subjected to a set of airbags to achieve just the right ride height and some front, side and rear splitters to enhance the effect. The stance looks menacing and – don’t forget – the splitters are functional.

The Roush Racing front fascia treatment compliments the Cervini 4-inch cowl hood beautifully and makes a great first impression, on the street or at the strip. An Anderson carbon-fiber rear spoiler makes everyone Steph passes green with envy.

The most notable addition (in my opinion) to the Mustang is the Hellion turbocharger kit. It includes a pair of 55-millimeter turbochargers, a massive intercooler, and all the piping. This kit provides a major horsepower upgrade.

A set of ID1000 fuel injectors (from Injector Dynamics) and a JMS FuelMAX fuel pump voltage booster help to supply the extra fuel needed to accommodate the new forced air induction system.

Beefier (Driveshaft Shop) axles and a high performance, McLeod dual-disc clutch (and flywheel) upgrade get the drivetrain ready for the impending abuse.

After Steph walks us through every step of the upgrade process, she takes her pony car out for a test drive and it’s on to the dyno.

The proof is in the pudding – in this case the dyno test. Power is increased by approximately 280hp and 250 lb.-ft. of torque!

Very informational and well produced video. You may also like Part 1.

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