Roll Racing – Mustang GT500 vs. LS Mazda RX7

December 12th, 2016

roll-racing-mustang-gt500-vs-ls-mazda-rx7If you aren’t familiar with roll racing – just envision the racing version of a schoolyard game of pickup basketball – only much faster! Initially, a diverse contingent of heavily modified street cars converges on a gas station or convenience store (in Mexico) and there may be a little trash talk mixed with some tall tales about how much horsepower any given car may (or may not) be making. From there, there is typically some harmless wagering before the drivers and spotters jump in their cars and hit the highway. Tonight, there are numerous GoPro setups and multiple camera angles.

Once they are on the highway (la autopista), and racing begins, there will almost always be onlookers that can’t resist the action and pull alongside to get in the game (hence the basketball reference). This makes for some interesting contests that quickly mutate from heads-up roll racing to three and four-wide pandemonium.

This video features a 2,800-pound Mazda RX7 that has been modified with an enhanced Chevrolet V8 LS engine. I just love a lightweight import with a big old American engine under the hood. There is also a beautiful Ford Mustang GT500 that’s making 700whp. It has all the high-performance bolt-ons with a set of Hoosier racing slicks and a lower gear in the rear-end. There’s a stock C7 Corvette Z06; just hanging in there, like a hair in a biscuit. There are several other high-powered Mustangs that show up to play. Check it out for yourself.

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