You Jump – You Pay – Civic vs. Mustang

December 10th, 2016

you-jump-you-pay-civic-vs-mustangThis is about as raw as it gets! It’s street racing (of the dig variety) from down south of the border in Old Mexico and there is plenty of trash talking and other extracurricular activities to make for an interesting video.

This is a three-fold grudge match between import and domestic, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, and nitrous and turbo and there is certainly no love lost between either of these three contingencies.

The rules are simple; run what ya’ brung in head-up single race action with a human starter and a video spotter on each end. Cut the light first and don’t jump early or you lose and if you lose – you pay. The first competitor to cross the center line loses and pays.

What we have here is a race between a Fox Body Mustang, with at least one shot of nitrous, and a Honda Civic with a set of slicks up front and a big turbocharger under the hood. After a more than adequate amount of posturing and smack talking, these two street killers line up and get to their respective burnouts. When the flag drops, the Mustang gets a major hole-shot advantage and easily walks away from the Honda. Take a look.

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