Nitrous Showdown on the Texas Streets

November 4th, 2016

nitrous-showdown-on-the-texas-streetsYee Haw! There’s nothing like the smell of nitrous in the evening and these Texas (Mexico) streets are ripe with the stench of it! We’ve seen our fair share of roll racing from south of the border but this video is dedicated to some down and dirty dig racing. Some serious racers showed up, including BoostedGT from Street Outlaws and Black Jesus (Heysus) from the Motor City, to wreak havoc on these deserted streets.

There is a huge crowd in attendance (lots of smack talking and flexing) to see these elite street racers duke it out in single elimination and grudge drags and no one was disappointed. The video opens up with BoostedGT against Black Jesus (with BJ edging BGT out by a narrow margin) and takes off from there.

Next, there’s a smoking no-name ‘70s Camaro with a big block Chevy engine and a bigger nitrous fogger (with a methanol injection). He lines up against Mutley in his nitrous Fox Body Mustang. When they take off, the laughing gas is so thick you’ll feel like you’re in the dentist’s chair. Advantage Camaro, the green machine takes the hole-shot and never looks back. It seems like Mutley got squirrelly coming out of the hole and didn’t recover.

There’s tons more heavyweight street racing action. Check it out!

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