Rolling Coal – Cummins Swapped Smoke-Stang

May 13th, 2021

Greetings drag racing fans and speed freaks from every corner of the globe. Allow me to introduce Westen Champlin and his Cummins swapped cherry red Mustang known as Smoke-Stang. Westin took the Smoke-Stang from the humble beginnings of a wrecked V6 to the coal rolling powerhouse you see in this video.

Stuffed under the hood of this Gen VI Mustang is a turbocharged 5.9-liter Cummins inline 6-cylinder. A notorious torque monster, the Cummins mill is mated to a stock (V6) driveshaft and rear end. Will the factory components hold up against the mighty turbodiesel or will there be a catastrophic moment? Only time and passes down the dragstrip will tell. Let’s join the action – already in progress.

A trip to the inspection lanes leads to a violation. A missing radiator catch-can is certainly not going to stop the Smoke-Stang. A few zip ties, a piece of salvaged vacuum hose and an empty Gatorade bottle set things right and the race is back on.

After greeting his many fans, Westen straps on the helmet and gets ready to lay down the coal. Check it out.

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