Rolling Coal – 4-Second Diesel Chevy II

February 27th, 2018

You will be shocked at what you find under the hood of Ryan Milliken’s 1966 Chevy II Nova. What were you thinking? A twin turbo LS small block? How about a supercharged big block? Both are good choices but Ryan chose to take an unconventional route.   

Under the hood of this stunning emerald green muscle car is a 6.8-liter Cummins turbo diesel with a dry sump oiling system and a remote mounted oil tank (trunk). The cylinder head has no coolant flowing through its water jackets. It is air cooled. That leaves only an ice bath intercooler to alter the thermal dynamic of ambient air as it enters the massive engine. The big workhorse diesel is equipped with an 88-millimeter Garrett GP55 turbocharger and three kits of nitrous. It is capable of producing 1900hp and currently pulls off consistent 4-second (⅛-mile) passes at 160 – 165 mph. This unique ride is a pretty NO PREP monster.

Ryan (re)built this beauty to be a versatile race car that could compete in the Big Tire Class, Small Tire Class, and the Diesel Propulsion Class. He and his crew (plus a ton of good friends) are still working out the bugs but we look for more good things as the season progresses.

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