Rollin’ Coal – 1200HP Chevy Duramax Diesel

July 23rd, 2018

This is a hillbilly Cadillac with  a reputation for taming supercars on the street. With 1,200hp and 2,000+ lb.-ft. of torque, many unsuspecting sports car owners have fallen into the trap set by this behemoth of a truck. Today, several more will taste the soot and feel the shame.

The feature vehicle is a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado LB7 Duramax. The engine is an L&L Racing product with extra reinforcement around the main bearings. Carrillo connecting rods, SoCal Diesel pistons and fuel injectors help to beef up durability as well.

The turbochargers are a setup in a compound configuration with an S500 over an S400 built by Extreme Prejudice Racing. This type of system is capable of producing from 50 to 100-pounds of boost and virtually eliminates low RPM lag.

I almost feel bad for the first guy that pulls alongside this monster. He is in his nice, clean, orange Viper and he’s ready for action. When asked if he wants to make a pass, he replies, “Against a truck?” in disbelief. Seconds later he was trying to see the taillights of his competitor through dense diesel smoke. Beaten by a lifted four-wheel drive pickup on the highway (of Mexico).

No way that a 7,200-pound truck should move this fast! Check it out.

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