Roll Racing Extravaganza – Huracan, Mustang GT500, 370Z, Tesla Plaid and More

December 10th, 2022

Tonight, we have an epic collection of purpose-built roll racers gathered to throw down on the streets (of Mexico). Imports, Domestics, supercharged, turbocharged (single and twins), nitrous, naturally aspirated and even full-electric – they are all here and ready to do battle in what will be a roll racing extravaganza for the ages. Are you ready?

Out of the gate, we have a boosted Honda Civic taking on a C6 Corvette. Once the Honda gets spooled up, he pulls ahead and never looks back. Honda takes the win in a close race.

Next up is a contest between a ProCharged LS3 C6 Corvette and a top mount turbo Nissan 370Z (upgraded transmission). Looks like these two cars split victories in multiple close contests. Great racing action!

A pair of Chevrolet’s finest roll out for the next race. The Canary Yellow car from the previous matchup is on the left. A ProCharged C7 ‘Vette is in the right lane. Both cars are burning premium (93-octane) pump gas. Let’s see who wins this battle of the bow tie. After a close 3-way contest (with a Mustang GT500 peeking in), the yellow C6 turns up the power (in the second race) and dominates.

Here come the boy dogs. Is that a Lamborghini Huracan with an Alpha 10 twin turbo kit? Oh, yeah. That’s a 5.0 Mustang with an ON3 twin turbo kit that the Lambo is getting ready to roll out on. Send the kids to bed ‘cause it’s about to get off the chain.

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