Raw Roll Racing – Import vs. Domestic

March 28th, 2017

Fans of roll racing on the streets will love this video like a fat man loves apple pie (ala mode). It has it all – procharged, turbocharged, and even naturally aspirated (N/A) cars.

This night of roll racing action is taking place on the streets of San Antonio, Mexico (of course). Only a few minutes into this one and I could tell that there were some pretty heavy-hitters on hand. It also seemed like most of the cars were evenly matched (according to power) for a competitive night of racing. Let’s take a look!

First up is a Corvette Z06 battle. As you would expect, the Canary Yellow car, with the procharger and 100 additional horsepower, takes the race. Unfortunately, the N/A car blows the motor during the first run.

Next, we have a contest between a Cadillac CTS-V (650hp) and a Honda S2000 (550hp). The Caddy sweeps the series and takes home the win.

Finally, we have a 670hp Nissan GT-R, with full bolt-ons, taking on a 720hp CTS-V. The Cadillac looks strong but suffers from driver error in the shifting department. In the words of the late, great Dale Earnhardt “That’s racing I reckon.”

There are many more races and lots more great cars on this clip. It’s not one that you want to miss.

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