East Coast Street Racing Showdown – McLaren, Corvette, Huracan, Mustang GT500, BMW, Supra and more

October 29th, 2021

This gaggle of top-tier street racers has gathered on the East Coast (of Mexico) for some intense roll racing on the interstate. Cars (and trucks) from all over the globe have been modified to dominate on the street. This is their chance to shine as they roll out against the best street racers on the East Coast. Buckle up, this is gonna be a “white-knuckler”.

First up is a contest between a twin turbo Lamborghini and a Mustang GT500 (upgraded with a Whipple supercharger). The Mustang takes the early jump before the Lambo spools up and slips by for the win. Multiple camera angles are so good that you can almost smell the fuel and rubber.

Next up is a race between a McLaren MP4-12C (modified exhaust downpipe/performance tune) and a Toyota Supra with an upgraded turbocharger. I can hardly believe my eyes when the Toyota pulls away from the McLaren for the victory.

The third hit is three-way between a BMW M4 (turbo upgrade), a supercharged C6 Corvette and a second supercharged C6 Corvette with an LS3 (6.2-liter) engine. The red ‘Vette jumps out early and never looks back.

Check out the rest of the video for more.

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