Best of the Best – Street Racing Around the World

December 22nd, 2020

This video is a compilation of the best street racing we have ever filmed. There are vehicles that make less than 300hp and some that make more than 2,000hp. These clips were gathered from years of street racing (roll and dig) from almost every corner of the planet. Enjoy.

Our first race of the evening is of the dig variety. Featured in this contest are a twin turbocharged Gen II Camaro and a 2,500hp Nissan GT-R. Both cars cut a clean light and the Camaro takes the early advantage. Eventually, the all-wheel drive platform and massive horsepower of the GT-R take control and he pulls ahead FTW. Close race though.

Next up is a roll racing battle between a 1,600hp Dodge Viper and a stout-looking Fox Body Mustang. Mustang takes the jump before the Viper drives around him and treats him to a first rate gaptizing.

Back to dig racing for the third race. This time we have a Nissan GT-R lining up against a twin turbo Nova. Both these cars come out of the hole violently before the GT-R gets hooked up and takes the victory by less than a car length.

Now we have the Texas Killer GT-R (1600hp) versus the Mud Truck Dodge Viper. This is roll racing and it should be a good one. On a good night for Nissans, the GT-R walks away from the Snake with ease.

The next race is a wild contest between a Dodge Demon with a huge blower and a twin turbocharged Pontiac Trans Am. You don’t want to miss this one!

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