Red Demon DSM – No Prep Banger

September 26th, 2017

Allow me to begin by saying that if you can make it to the final round of any drag racing event with a four-cylinder powered vehicle, kudos to you!

On the other hand – this is certainly not your average four-cylinder. This is a Boostin Performance built 2.0-liter (4G63) with aluminum connecting rods. It is being choked by an 86-millimeter Precision turbocharger and a methanol injection system. The car is making an incredible 85-pounds of boost and is capable of producing 1,500hp (from a four-cylinder!).

The event is Chitown King of the Streets and the Red Demon DSM is competing in the Banger (manual transmission) Class. No Prep racing is the closest thing to street racing without all the hassle from law enforcement (whom we respect and appreciate) and the safety concerns of racing on a public thoroughfare. The track is setup for quarter-mile.

The Demon opens up with a first round bye then takes on a turbo Fox Body Mustang. The Mustang comes out of the hole like a bullet but the DSM back-halfs well and gets the victory.

After a second bye run, the Demon is going up against what has been billed as the fastest GM stick-shift car in the world. The Camaro comes out of the hole fast and the DSM never really gets any traction. The Camaro takes the stripe and the class win (along with the cash).

Oh well, we look forward to seeing more from the Red Demon later this season.

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