Heavyweight Single Elimination Battle at Street Car Takeover

March 28th, 2024

These are some of the heaviest – and fastest – cars in the west and they’re getting prepared to face off in single elimination drag racing action.

Vehicles must weigh more than 4,200-pounds to compete in the Heavyweight Class at Street Car Takeover (SCT) Denver. As you can imagine, this class will draw many trucks, SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles that tend to be a bit viscous. Let’s take a look at the roster as the First Round begins.

Up first is the fastest Cadillac CTS-V in the World. He’s claiming a 7-second standing quarter-mile and looking good doing so. He’s going against a behemoth of a four-door Ford pickup. As expected, the Cadillac takes an easy victory. Nowhere near that 7-second pass, but enough for the win.

The next matchup is between a 1,000+hp Jeep Trackhawk and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye with unknown mods. The Jeep is all-wheel drive. The Challenger is rear wheel drive only. With a distinct advantage in traction, the Jeep takes the victory by more than a second.

Another heavy sled will battle next. It’s the all-electric Tesla Model S Plaid with the ability to generate the equivalent of over 1,000hp. He will be taking on a turbocharged Ford F-150. The Plaid embarrasses the F-150 and completes the quickest pass of the day at 9.67-seconds and 148.8 mph.

We’ve got a smack-talking Jeep owner up next. He says that he can turn a 9.2-second standing quarter-mile and defeat the Mustang to his right. A man of his word, the Trackhawk owner pulled off the win and posted a new best pass of 9.09-seconds @ 157.7 mph.

Things are heating up at SCT Denver and we are just getting started.