Tesla P100D vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat – Street Car Takeover

May 20th, 2019

Hello racing fans and welcome back to Thunder Valley at Bristol Dragway in beautiful Bristol, Tennessee. Our focal car today is a familiar one to most YouTubers. It is a Tesla P100D that has been whipping muscle cars all over the country. With all-electric power, this thing blasts out of the hole like a rocket and posts very consistent elapsed times. This makes the Tesla ideal for Index Racing.

Unlike conventional drag racing, in which a competitor gets down the track as quickly as possible, Index Racing is the practice of selecting a time just slower than your fastest ever elapsed time – and getting as close as you possibly can to it (on each pass) without going under. Index classes typically include 10, 11, and 12-second groups. For instance: If you were racing with a 10-second index; you would strive to get as close to a 10-second elapsed time as possible without going under. A pass of 10.001-seconds is great.  A pass of 9.999-seconds would mark the end of your day. A powerful, consistent vehicle with a highly skilled driver usually wins these kinds of races.

What makes the Tesla P100D perfect for Index Racing is power and consistency. In ludicrous mode, the P100D is capable of producing the equivalent of 762hp. Since this extreme level of power is created using electric motors (on all-four corners), it can be applied instantaneously and with very little loss of traction.

Buckle up for this one as the P100D takes on a Challenger Hellcat, an Audi, a BAD Cadillac CTS-V, and an unlikely Gen II Camaro with a seasoned Index Racer behind the wheel.

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