Desert Duels – Single Elimination Drag Racing on the Street

November 4th, 2020

It’s the usual story; twenty-something cars paid but only thirteen showed up to race in the desert. That’s alright. Fewer rounds for the same money. Rules are simple. Don’t cut the light early or you lose. Don’t cross the center line or you lose. Do these two things – and be first to cross the finish line – and you win the round. Win more rounds than anybody else and you take home the cash ($5,000).

The first race of the first round is a Chevy Malibu with nitrous against a Gen II Camaro with twin turbochargers. The Camaro hooks up like and leaves like a bullet. Camaro FTW.

Next up is a Nissan 300zx going after a Chevrolet Monte Carlo with unknown mods. This time the nitrous car gets the jump and takes a close one against a heavy car that was gaining fast through the trap.

The third race is between a Dodge Challenger and a Nissan GT-R. The all-wheel drive import proves to be too much for the heavier Mopar. Godzilla takes the victory.

In the next race, we have a 2,000+hp Nissan GT-R versus a big tire, twin turbo Fox Body Mustang. The Mustang cuts a perfect light and takes the holeshot but the Nissan drives around him for the win.

Tons more street racing action on this clip, including a sweet looking Pontiac GTO against a Gen IV Camaro.

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