Getting Down on the Street – Twin Turbo CTS-V

August 29th, 2019

To be perfectly candid, there are actually a pair of twin turbo Cadillac CTS-V entries into tonight’s action-packed lineup. There are also a number of other very capable cars from all over the globe. The racing action kicks-off very quickly in this clip. Let’s look in on the highway.

First on the roll call is the white Caddy against a twin turbo Ford Mustang. Both cars come out of the hole rapido. After that, the Mustang is gone!

Next up are the CTS-V entries going head-to-head. This one is interrupted by a long and profane argument regarding the exact speed at which the competitors will begin and end racing. Guard sensitive ears against this friendly argument. We’ll come back to this one.

It’s on to a contest between a 1,300+hp Nissan GT-R and the TT Mustang (from earlier). This one is mere child’s play for the Mustang, which seems to dominate the import coupe.

Now, the GT-R takes on a turbocharged Corvette. At last the Nissan gets a taste of victory as it drags the ‘Vette across the finish.

Finally, we are back to the contest between the two CTS-V owners. In the 40 mph roll, the black CTS-V bashes the white one, but the ProCharged Mustang gives the white one a pretty close race. The 60 mph roll nets a slightly different result as the white CTS-V gets the bulge on the black and runs well against the TT Mustang.

Tons more roll racing on this one. Check it out.

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