Twin Turbo Viper vs. YSi Z06 – Street Hits

September 5th, 2018

Welcome fellow street racers to Mexico for a night of elite level roll racing on the interstate. On hand are some of the most sophisticated (FAST!) street racing machines on the planet. Vehicles from all of the “Big 3” domestic automakers have turned-out, as well as a sprinkling of imports.

Included in this distinguished group are an 850hp twin turbo (stock 5.0-liter engine) Ford Mustang and a 1,000+hp Vortech YSi supercharged Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Hold onto your hat as these two hit the highway. In the first pass, the ‘Vette encounters traffic and the Mustang takes the win. Pass number two yields no excuses as the Ford wins again.

Now, on hand is an 810hp Lexus IS300 which will be used as a camera car. It will attempt to keep up with a 1,350hp twin turbo Calvo Motorsports Dodge Viper and an 850hp Mustang. As advertised – the Viper gaps the inferior Mustang handily.

The Lexus wants in on the action and tolls out against the red 850hp Mustang 5.0. Despite a hood ajar condition, the Mustang spanks the Lexus in the first pass. The Lexus seems to fare better during a second race but veers suddenly towards the Ford in a pretty tense moment.

Tons more roll racing action on this one. Have a look!

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