Turbo Trans Am vs. ProCharged Corvette – Street Hits

October 9th, 2018

By: Ricardo Perez

This clip unfolds south if the border where representatives from the BIG 3 (GM, Ford, Dodge) are throwing down with heavily modified machines in some roll racing hits. There are also a few imports and some bikes to pretty things up a bit.

It all begins with a 60 mph-roll between a 1,200hp Nissan GT-R (SPD 1400 turbo kit) and a twin turbo Cadillac CTS-V. After the lineup; the Nissan lets him have it.

The Nissan rolls out against a 1,000hp (nitrous) Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Once again, the GT-R jumps out and gaps the Mopar FTW!

Next, the two-wheelers get involved. A pair of Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10Rs, to be exact. One with nitrous and one without. Both the motorcycles get a pretty big jump on the Nissan, but the nitrous bike is outta’ here.

Don’t look now but here comes a twin turbo Camaro and a Corvette Z06 with an F1X Procharger. The ‘Vette gets out of the hole hard but snaps the procharger belt and has to leave for repairs. Says he’s coming back or is he just a “be-backer”?

Tons more roll racing action on this one. Take a look.

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