CTS-V vs. Mustang and Corvette – Street Hits

May 4th, 2019

As the summer evenings grow warmer and the risk of precipitation is reduced, the sounds of high-performance, interstate devouring, roll race cars can be heard. The late evening and early morning hours, when traffic is virtually non-existent, are prime-time for rolling these purpose-built machines onto the highway (of Mexico) for competition.

Many heavily modified roll racers have showed up for this evening of fun.

There is a Corvette C7 with a camshaft upgrade, a V-7 YSI Supercharger by Vortech, and a methanol injection. A 1,000hp Nissan GT-R and another (980hp) ‘Vette with an LSx engine and a YSI blower. This is the first group to roll out.

The 980hp ‘Vette takes on the 1,000hp GT-R, first. This one is too close for me to call.

980hp ‘Vette takes on the C7 next. In another close one; the black ‘Vette FTW.

The second group includes a twin turbo Mustang (White), a twin turbo Camaro SS, and a D1X ProCharged Mustang (Gray).

The Gray jumps on the 1,000hp GT-R first. The Nissan jumps out to an early lead but the Mustang drives around him near the end.

Tons more roll racing on this one. Take a look for yourself.

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