Crazy Classic Camaro – Supercharged Monster

November 18th, 2019

This crazy classic Camaro definitely falls into the category of ‘ground-pounders’. What began as a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro now looks like a shiny new Hot Wheels car with a giant blower poking through the hood. This burnt orange masterpiece sounds just like rolling thunder. We’ll find the owner and see what’s going on under the hood.

Bobby says he’s running a 540 cubic-inch big block with a 14-71 blower strapped to it – “nothing fancy”, he goes on to say. The crew is still trying to get the bugs worked out. So, they ain’t making but about 2000hp. Ground pounder!

Bobby and crew are here, at Haltech Import vs Domestic World Class Finals to eat cake and kick butt, and they are all out of cake. The first pass is against a Toyota Starion on big tires. Bobby puts him down with a pass of 7.50-seconds @ 143.9 mph.

The next victim is a Gen IV Mustang from Wander Racing LLC. This looks like a pretty serious machine. Serious or not, the Camaro rolls to a pass of 8.04-seconds @ 127.7 mph FTW!

Next up is a heavily modified Mazda RX-7. In fitting form, he gets gapped with a pass of 7.29-seconds @ 196 mph. That’s the fastest pass of the weekend for Bobby and his burnt orange Camaro.

More rounds of racing on this clip. Have a look.

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