7-Second TT ‘70s Camaro

February 2nd, 2016

7-Second TT ‘70s CamaroThis car may have been the highlight of the entire Street Car Takeover Event in Denver. It boasts a sharp silver metallic paint job with burnt orange rally stripes. Inside the rally stripes are the most eye-catching ghost flames that you have ever seen. This is truly one of the most beautiful cars you’ll ever see on a drag strip – but it ain’t how you look it’s what ya’ got under the hood!

This beast is equipped with a 565-inch aluminum big block with a pair of Garrett 88-millimeter turbochargers. The combo is obviously good for some serious horsepower but it’s only been dyno-certified to 1300hp (only! Ha!) It has however laid down a best 1/4-mile ET of 7-seconds flat at 198 mph.

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