Nasty Nitrous Fox Body vs. Procharged Camaro SS

January 5th, 2019

Buckle up racing fans! It’s time to take it to the streets (of Mexico) for some 45/50 mph roll racing hits.

Featured in this clip are a trio of purpose-built muscle cars dedicated to interstate dominance. The oddball is a Fox Body Mustang. No shortage of curb appeal here, but what makes this ride truly unique is hidden beneath the bonnet. It’s packing a big punch from a 6.0-liter (LQ9) GM truck engine. The big truck mill has been upgraded with high-performance internals (fully-built), Texas Speed cylinder heads, and a 175hp shot of laughing gas. The Chevy motor is carbureted and mated to a TH400 GM automatic transmission.

On the other side, we have an orange Camaro that has been upgraded with a 418 cubic-inch LS (Chevrolet) racing engine and a ProCharger F1A-94 blower. Output capacity is estimated at 900hp.

The bonus ride is a second Camaro – an SS version this time (yellow). It has a custom Texas Speed (TSP 418) aluminum racing block with a set of Lingenfelter cylinder heads and a ProCharger F1A-94 blower. He’s claiming 840hp.

The Camaros square-off first. With a few more ponies on hand, you would expect the orange car to win a straight-line contest (even against the better handling SS), and he does – in multiple passes.

Now, we’ll see the Fox. He takes on the orange car first. If the Ford wins here; not much of a reason to race the SS. Take a gander for yourself and see if you can determine what happened here.

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