C7 Corvette Z06 vs. Audi Twin Turbo RS – Mexico Streets

May 25th, 2022

Meanwhile down South…

It is the darkest part of the night when a small gathering of automobile enthusiasts finds themselves in the parking lot of a fuel center on the United States border. Before the morning sun has appeared, they will have left U.S. jurisdiction for the open lanes that only a more lawless environment can afford. Here they will ply their craft.

Prepare your senses for the sweet smell of racing fuel, the stench of burnt rubber and the thunderous roar of high-performance engines. You will ride along (virtually) as these competitors attempt to leap through the fleeting flame of street racing glory. The question is, do you boys – and girls – like Mexico?!

Featured in this clip are purpose-built cruisers from several continents. There’s a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (from Hell?). The only modification info offered up was “it’s fast”.

There is a seriously slick C7 Corvette Z06 with full bolt-ons, a methanol injection system and pulley (supercharger) upgrades. This ‘Vette looks and sounds fast.

From across the pond, there’s an Audi TTRS with a 93 tune and a performance exhaust downpipe. Subtle but fast.

You have Mustangs and Supras coming out of the bushes from there on out. Enjoy this epic night of street racing from Mexico.

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