800HP Corvette Z06 vs McLaren, Lamborghini and Audi – Texas (TX2K21) Streets

March 26th, 2021

Things are about to heat south of the border as these ardent street racers dip into Mexico for some spirited roll racing on the street. There is an abundance of domestic and import iron itching to roll onto the interstate and see who can get it done above 60 mph. Join the cameraman as he hitches a ride in a Mustang GT500.

The first contest of the night features the Mustang against a ProCharged Chevy Corvette Z06. The Ford get the jump on the Z06 and dusts him easily.

A Camaro ZL1 rolls up on the GT500 next. It’s a manual car but the mods are unknown. This is a close one with the Mustang taking the early jump and the Camaro driving around him near the end.

After that, we have a three-wide affair between the Mustang and a pair of Chevy hardtails. The mustang gets the best of it, but not by much.

From here, the imports come out and it’s pandemonium!

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