New Mexico Cash Days – Big Money Street Drags

March 20th, 2019

Hello, my street racing peers and welcome to the flat-lands of (New) Mexico for some big money dig racing. On-hand are some of the baddest imports and domestics west of the Pecos. These hard-charging guys and gals are chomping at the bit for head-to-head, single elimination, winner-take-all street (dig) racing.

The rules are simple: Don’t jump the light early. Don’t cross the center line. Be first to cross the finish line. Do these three things and you will advance to the next round. If you make it to the final; win and take home $3,700 cash. Runner up gets $800, third and fourth place finishers take home $400 each.

First pass of the night pits a supercharged Mustang GT500 and a C7 Corvette (unknown mods). Mustang gaps him FTW.

Next up is a blown, small block Chevy pickup and a late model Challenger. When the Mopar fails to start, the C10 makes a solo pass to claim victory.

Race three of Round One features a ProCharged, vintage Camaro and a nitrous Corvette. After they launch door handle-to-door handle, the Camaro gets squirrelly and the Corvette takes the stripe.

Tons more street racing action in this one.

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