Big Baller Cobra Wins Redemption 4.0

March 14th, 2016

Big Baller Cobra Wins Redemption 4.0This is No Prep racing with some of the biggest names in the Midwest in attendance. The Big Baller Mustang rolled in ready to do battle during Redemption No Prep 4.0 down in Texas and ran into a proverbial buzz saw of competition. Kye Kelley, the Birdman, and Flaco (Skinny) in his twin turbocharged Chevrolet S10, known as ‘Corn Fed’ were all revved up and waiting to run.

The Big Baller Cobra Mustang wears a tag plate that reads ‘Boost12’ because it’s boosted and on a scale of one-to-ten – it’s a twelve. It’s running a 380-cubic-inch small block Ford engine with a single 98-millimeter Precision turbocharger (good for 2,200hp!). This is classic No Prep drag racing with no clocks and no excuses. Check it out.

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