1,000HP Air Force Won Mustang Wins Three Consecutive No Prep Events

May 25th, 2015

AFWIf you want to see some good head-to-head racing action, without all of the lights and timers, then you want to see some “No Prep” drag racing. This is just two cars, two drivers, two pit crews, and a quarter-mile of straight, flat blacktop. It seems that owner/driver Shayne Ward and the Air Force Won team have found the groove in the “small tire” class, winning three major 2015 events in a row (Kansas Dragway, Northstar Dragway, and Texas Dragway).

A Morgan & Sons small-block (388 c.i.d.) Ford racing engine, Powerglide transmission, and Ford 8.8-inch rear differential all combine to propel the Fox-Body Mustang down the 1/4-mile at blinding speed. Forced air induction duties are handled using an 88-millimeter turbocharger and the car is dialed in at 1,000-horsepower (with 20-pounds of boost).

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