Lucifer Mustang Conquers the Concrete

March 3rd, 2016

Lucifer Mustang at Conquer the ConcreteDespite its horrifying name, this Fox Body Mustang might have died-in-the-wool Ford aficionados dancing in the streets. There is no LS engine here. It’s a good old big block Ford mill with a pair of four-barrel throttle bodies nestled beautifully on top. This is unapologetically a nitrous driven devil of a car. Due to the poor track conditions, the crew was only administering a 400hp shot of laughing gas but in premium track conditions Lucifer has handled a 900hp shot.

This is No Prep racing from “Conquer the Concrete” in Noble, Oklahoma. For this event, all the rubber compound and track prep has been stripped from the track to more closely simulate street conditions. Right out of the gate there’s a near disaster as a fantastic looking twin-turbo Camaro loses traction in round 1 and nearly kisses the devil. Check out all this red hot racing action.

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