900HP Mustang GT500 vs 1200HP Pontiac GTO-Street Hits

July 17th, 2020

Welcome drag racing fans – and speed freaks of every ilk – to a boisterous evening of racing on the streets of Mexico. These tenacious competitors have met up and absconded in a southernly fashion to see who has the fastest roll racer on the interstate. Vehicles (cars and trucks) from GM, Ford and Dodge are on hand, as well as vehicles representing several import automakers. Let’s drop down south of the border and see what’s the big deal.

In the first contest of the night, a 1,000+ hp Corvette Z06 rolls up on a Calvo Motorsports Dodge Viper. The Viper is a twin turbo car capable of making at least 1,200hp. While this seems to be a close race, I believe the Viper is working a hustle.

Next, we have an 870hp Corvette ZR1 taking on the 1,200hp Pontiac GTO. The Poncho is equipped with an all-aluminum 5.3-liter V8 (LS3 cylinder heads) and an F-1X ProCharger. The Goat is built by JMS Racing and has a 6-speed manual gearbox. The GTO got gapped!

In a third hit, there’s a 900hp Mustang GT500 taking on a TT Cadillac CTS-V is also prepared by JMS Racing. It is running a pair of Comp turbochargers and it can produce 1,000hp. Mustang gets the jump on the CTS-V before the Caddy drives around him FTW. Great race.

Finally, the Mustang GT500 calls out the GTO. How does this one shake out? Watch the video and see.

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