Nasty Turbo Trans Am vs. TVS Mustang GT500 and More – Street Hits

May 21st, 2020

Time to get back out on the streets and what better way than a bit of roll racing on the interstates of Old Mexico. This band of merry competitors took a journey down south to let it all hang out in one-on-one head-up roll racing action. Let’s drop in and have a look –

First up is a contest between a C6 Chevy Corvette and a 5.0-liter Mustang. The ‘Vette has a built engine and an A&A (Corvette) supercharger. This car is prepared and tuned by Lethal Performance and it can make 840hp. The Ford also has a built (Coyote) motor, but it is running an On3 Turbo Kit on 16-pounds of boost. It is tuned by Lund and makes 900+hp. The Chevrolet jumps out on the Ford in vicious fashion, but the Mustang drives around him in the end. Mustang FTW.

Next up are a Trans Am and a Mustang GT500. The Pontiac is running a built LS motor with an 88-millimeter turbo, Holley EFI and a TH400 auto transmission. Maximum output is unknown. The GT500 has been treated to a supercharger pulley upgrade and full bolt-ons. It is running E85 fuel and it’s prepared by Drowzy Performance (tuned by Lund). Maximum output is estimated at 800hp. Surprisingly, the heavy Poncho is more than the GT500 can handle in multiple hits.

Finally, we have a LS swapped Fox Body Mustang rolling against a ProCharged Camaro. The GotRight Ford is helped with a 200hp shot of laughing gas and it makes around 800hp. The car is built by LSx Performance. The Camaro has a built engine with an F1X blower and a 6-speed manual transmission. It is churning out 1,100hp. Nitrous over ProCharger FTW in multiple hits.

Great video!

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