$7000 Cash Prize – Street Digs

December 3rd, 2018

Welcome drag racing fans and speed aficionados of every variety. Welcome back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth (Mexico) Cash Days. Eleven close friends have gathered together south of the border to see who can claim the title of Small Tire Street Racing King of Dallas.

The action is winner take all, single elimination, tires under 10.5-inches wide. Competitors kick-in more than $600 each with the winner grabbing more than $7000 at the end. The rules are simple; don’t leave until the light comes on, don’t be the first to cross the center line, and put any part of your vehicle across the finish line before the guy in the other lane. If you can do these three-things, you will proceed to the next round. Whoever is still around at the end of the night wins.

Every kind of car imaginable is here tonight. Supercharged, turbocharged, twin-turbocharged, cars with nitrous, even naturally-aspirated (all-motor) cars. Imports and domestics; Fords and Nissans with Chevrolet engines, Chevrolets with – uh oh – Chevy engines. Let’s line them up!

We get cranked up with a couple of Mustangs. They are both actually running Ford mills. Supercharged FoxBody (right lane) FTW!

The action only heats up from there. Anything can happen! Take a look.

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  1. Extang Tonneau Says:

    This is surely fun for serious drag racers. The best set up for speed and accuracy will definitely take home the prize.

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