Phoenix Streets – 18 Car Bracket

March 13th, 2017

Hello drag racing fans and aficionados! Welcome to the streets of Phoenix (Mexico) where an evening of street racing can be cold, wet, and dusty all at the same time.

This may be the most diverse band of street racers ever gathered on a chilly stretch of desert highway. There are domestics and imports, muscle cars and late models, coupes and pickups, naturally aspirated cars, nitrous injected cars, turbo cars, and supercharged cars – there’s something in this video for everyone.

They have come together in a contest of speed and guts to see who can claim the $3,000 grand prize. This is a single elimination tournament and the rules are simple; don’t jump the light, don’t cross the center line, don’t be the last one to cross the finish line, and you move on to the next round. Oh, by the way, it’s small tire 1/8-mile.

The action begins with a near photo-finish between a Turbocharged Mustang and a nitrous injected classic Buick Skylark and it only heats up from there. This is truly a can’t miss street racing video.

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