Cash Money Digs on the Street

November 29th, 2018

With all the great No Prep events being held around the nation, it seems that many street (dig) racers have taken their action to the local dragstrip. From a safety perspective, this is a desirable thing, but it gives roll racers run of the street. We just can’t have that.

When you see trailers and driver’s meetings and entry fees being collected; you know there are going to be some street digs going down. This race has one more requirement. Every competitor must successfully drive his/her race car the 20 or 30-miles from the trailer drop-off to the race location. Let’s have a look.

After a spirited driver’s meeting and entry fee collection, the racers fall-out to chart a path for turning their $150 into $3,000.

The first pairing is between a small block Chevy swapped Mazda RX-7 (with nitrous) and a Colorado pickup with a turbocharged V8. It looks like the Colorado cuts the light but the RX-7 was slow out of the hole. Colorado FTW!

Next up is a turbocharged Mustang versus an LSx turbocharged S10 pickup. Both racers come out of the hole violently and rip through the course but the Mustang takes the win by a fender.

Lots more dig racing action – from the streets (of Mexico) – in this one. Don’t miss it!

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